Excerpts from the Chronicles of Teramachus

It is unknown if there is any person alive who knows the true history of Aramaya (Ah-rah-may-ah). All knowledge is kept under lock and key by the highest echelons of the Eladrin, who are simultaneously masters of the known world yet slaves to the one true God.

What there is is largely legend carried on the lips of bards or passed down from one family generation to the next. It is often said that legend is only a greater retelling of a more mundane reality. But we live in a world of high fantasy and great adventure and sometimes there is more truth in legend then we realize…

One thousand years ago God materialized in a rain of fire, falling from the Heavens and decimating the center of Aramaya. The great central lakes boiled away. Tens of thousands died as fire continued to rain down over the continent for weeks to come and water became scarce.


The Great Old One was teaching us a lesson. Our sinful lives and lack of faith forced Him to reveal His true form. He become material, bringing death and destruction to our world even as He tore through the fabric of reality to enter our plane of existence.

It was all our fault, you see.

We, the Chosen of God once lived with our brothers and sister Elves in the great forests that covered so much of Aramaya. We lived in innocence, forging alliances with the races of man and Dwarf, even extending the hand of friendship to the worthless Halflings and Gnomes. We opened our forests to humans and signed contracts allowing them to cut our trees down to use in building their cities and fueling their economy.

We were committing a great sin.

The Great Old One’s arrival signaled both our damnation and our ascendance. With His great powers the forests were annihilated and the Elves mysteriously vanished. We were cursed with a great sickness. Many of our number died and those that survived were forced to live forever under the glowering shadow of our angry God. His anger is not blind however, and He gave us dominion over Aramaya. The arrogant humans, as well as the other races were taught their true place as the obedient servants of the Eladrin.

This has been the way of live on Aramaya for the last one thousand years…

The World of Aeternum

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