The World of Aeternum

A Gathering of Heroes, Session 3

Mission Update

TO: Red Master of Dragons

Mission RJ-35
Status Update


Being the 68th day of the mission to the mainland, and 37th day beholden to the guilty Marvin Underhill, I submit to you an update under the judgement of the Platinum Dragon. I have successfully located a lair of the guilty. It appears to be populated mainly by the creatures known as kobolds. My party and I first encountered them in their sleeping quarters. The guilty Marvin Underhill was able to disguise himself as one and gain some information from them. His disguise was so well done, I almost dispatched him myself, which of course would have forced me to submit myself to the judgement of the Dragon. The dwarf may be among the guilty, but he does have admirable skills. Fortunately, he removed his disguise before it came to violence and I was able to stay my hand. We were then able to stealthfully advance and I was able to send the entire group of kobolds to their judgement.

We then encountered another group of kobolds deeper in the lair. With them was a human. Unfortunately the guilty Underhill murdered him before my judgement could be made. Only to be expected from those such as him. The kobolds were sent to the Dragon for judgement.

After travelling further into the lair, my party encountered two guilty humans and their vile dogs. They were quickly sent to judgement. The novice Rush that I informed you of earlier proved indispensable in this sentencing. He may yet become a fine servant of the Dragon.

We then found the apparent sleeping quarters of this band of guilty. Peering behind a drape, I found a sleeping man apparently guarding a locked door. Sloth in the line of duty is not a noble trait, to be sure, but I was unable to ascertain his guilt, unfortunately. My flagellations this evening will be increased I assure you.

I will send more updates on this important mission when they are forthcoming.

The Dragon judge you justly.



SanguinousRex SanguinousRex

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