The World of Aeternum

A gathering of heroes, session 4

Dear diary,

Contact with my goddess Avandra has been very sporadic since I ended up in this gods forsaken area of the world. But over the past few days I have felt her presence when trying to heal people in my group. Our group is blessed, I am getting more powerful, or the powers that be in this land are weakening. I see no other option it could be. I am of the mind it is a combination of all three. I believe our group “happened” to come together in order to set this area of the world to right again. Although I admit, besides being able to heal now and again, I sense no divine hand in what our group is doing really. Let me tell the tale of the past few days…

We started out deciding we needed to camp for the day so we could all rest and I could sit and pray to restore my reserves in case they were needed. After that we returned to the caves to continue our quest to find Jax and end the evil doings around Stonefield. But Jax is either clever or set some traps for us, or he is stupid and shares his cave with some terrifying beings.

The caves went deep, perhaps too deep. We ended up in a section that looked to be ancient Dwarven ruins far beneath the ground. We found an underground tavern with about 40 bandits in it, but most of the party felt that was suicide to enter so we looked for an alternate route. That is when we found the cave with dead kobold bodies all over it, oh and the “big ass” cave bear.

Marvin got a chunk bit out of him by the bear, but I think he needed a bath because the bear all but spit him back out! I have never seen such a thing. I never managed to hit the bear even once, but on the plus side I did not hit myself or my party either. I guess I need to be more thankful for the little blessings like that. Marvin and Tobs were amazing in that fight though! They did this one move where Marvin ran at the bear and slide right between its legs! While he did this Tobs charged the bear with his shield… he really does think that shield is a weapon I think… and well he does pretty good with it, so I guess it is. They dispatched the bear and all was good, except the bear fell over dead right onto Tobs. So I used the muscles the goddess granted me and I pulled him out from under the bear. While the rest of us were patching ourselves up Tobs cut off all the bears fangs, something about a necklace. I thought that was bad enough but then he took all the claws too! He sure does like trophies I guess. It was pretty gruesome though, when we get back to town I think I will pay a few of the barmaids to make him take a bath so the smell goes away. If that is not a divine duty, I do not know what is.

So after we dispatched the bear and collected trophies shudder we continued down the caves. Din really seemed to want to go back to the room with 40 guys in it, but we convinced him that Jax is what mattered and that maybe we could sneak up on the bandits unawares. He did not seem happy with the plan, but he went along with it. Good thing he did too! After a while the cave turned into brickwork and we came to three doors. One of the sets of doors was these huge double doors. Din went up to the door to see if he could hear anything. I have no idea if he did or not but I think he was worried we would talk him out of opening them because he did just that and walked right it! The rest of us noticed this and quickly caught up. That boy is going to regret being so impulsive one of these days I think.

Once we got through the double doors we knew we had found our man. In the center of the room was the half-orc Jax and with him was a man wearing robes. About the room were a dozen more bandits. Din announced they had been judged and starts fighting! We all jumped in. Bruner and Tobs took the brunt of the attacks though. Tobs had a few guys on him as well as some archer and Bruner was just getting hit like there was no tomorrow, which for him there almost wasn’t.

I called upon my Goddess and she heard me, but barely, and I was able to heal Tobs after I dispatched the guys that were on me. I tried to heal Bruner but the blessing of my Lady was gone and I could do nothing for him with my faith. Instead I ended up using my own healing potion on him. It was close but he made it.

I do have to say though that Rush is looking pretty good lately. He has come a long way in just a few short days from being a farmer with a farmstead full of poop. Before he talked a lot, but since he swore himself to Din and took that vow of silence it is like all of his energy goes into fighting. I may have judged him too quickly, that will be a lesson to me.

We did eventually finish off the bandits, the mage, and Jax though. This team works rather well together. Din is terrifying with that staff; Tobs and his battleshield make quick work of most things, including walls. Marvin and Bruner are both forces to be reckoned with and can really hold their own nicely. Rush is… well Rush.

I feel like I am the one lacking here as I usually manage to hit a lot of nothing, but I suppose this is all part of the lesson I am here to learn. I know my Goddess brought me to this forsaken place to break the hold the “one true god” has. Maybe I need to step up my prayers and devotions; I might try that and see what happens. Maybe my failures lately are a lack of faith but this group is helping to bring that faith back into perspective for me.


SanguinousRex SanguinousRex

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