The World of Aeternum

The Triumvirate, Part 2

Starseeker's Journal

3rd of Stormfleet, Year of the Wandering Troll

After many month’s of intense study and menial tasks, Blix has finally assigned me to a team in need of my particular skills. I am to travel to Millstone and meet with a group of Sigil operatives researching, and attempting to recover, an heirloom ruby of the city, purportedly stolen from within the city treasury. An organized criminal group known only as the Triumvirate are the prime suspects, and the group is also tasked with breaking up these malcontents. I leave at dawn, to travel to Stonefield. It is with great anticipation that I may finally be able to put to practice what the long years of study and harsh discipline under Grandfather have taught me.

5th of Stormfleet

I’ve little time to write. I’ve met my new companions upon arriving in Millstone this sunrise, at the Elder Stag, a decent establishment with hearty fare. In fairness to myself, I may have been less than an astute critic as a hard day and night’s ride had left me famished. I am not sure what to make of each of my companions as of yet, but I am particularly intrigued by the silent warrior and the woman warrior, Shieldheart. There is more there than is readily apparent, but I am unable to discern it on such short introduction. It appears that Marvin Underhill (a dwarven pilferer) is the de facto leader, and Tobs is a typical dwarf warrior, much too often in his cups for my taste, but I shall not dispense judgement lest it is his shield that saves me someday. We are off to re-visit the mayor of the town, apparently a doddering, obese fool, but then, so many politicians are, perhaps there is something I can glean that my more direct companions may have missed. From there the intentions, I believe, are to investigate the treasury, question the commanders, and determine if there is any possibility simple subterfuge led to the theft. I suspect either a yet uncovered tunnel dug into the center of the treasury, or possibly perpetrated by someone well known and with connections inside the government may be the most obvious avenues, but I won’t rule out a sorcery much greater than that at my current command, either. But it begs the question, why abscond with only a simple gem(though culturally significant)when the whole of the River Town’s accumulated wealth was at the rogue’s fingertips?

A foul creature, this. Mayhaps an illusion? I clearly heard the wizard summoning power from the item, but is it substantial, or truly a summoned fiend?
So much has happened since this morning… A treasury even a grandmaster thief would find nigh impossible to penetrate, a militia captain just a bit too arrogant, but ultimately innocent I think, and most likely bearing a grudge against me for wounding his pride. We did garner the name and location of the sergeant on duty the night of the theft, which is a thread worth exploring…
A city guardsman too quick to trust the loose lips of a careless dwarf, I can only hope my suggestions at simple reason(specifically a boastful, inebriated, yarn spinning dwarf prone to exaggeration) have diffused a situation that could be damning for Sigil and paralyze the city and province with fear. Blix confided in me of the sensitive nature of a recently awakened undead horde, and here is Tobs spouting off to all and sundry…
A procession of the thrice cursed clergy of the “Great” Old One, which was the scene of some protestation, and the death of at least one antagonist, albeit at the hands of a mostly reluctant detachment of city guard, made to do so under duress by the Priest leading the close-minded addle-pates(have none of these simpletons questioned blind faith? Of course with the Eladrin and the clergy’s discipline, it is wisest not to…)
A visit to the mill of Arryn Sellek, a man forced into cooperation with the Triumvirate, after his inital refusal destroyed part of his manufactory. Our arrival netted us an encounter with his foreman which led to his untimely death at the hands of a group of Triumvirate assassins who ambushed us on the span connecting the millworks on either side of the Corinthian river. They knew we were investigating their organization. After a brief but furious battle, I was able to capture one of the thugs I cast asleep with a simple charm. Our subsequent interrogation turned up the name Randolph Sark…
And here I stand, mere moments later, confronted with a vile beast, and my mind replaying the events of the last several hours. Think Khael, think, man! Is it illusion? If it is substantial, is this a monster I know? Perhaps he has a simple weakness I can extort?
You wanted adventure… Quit analyzing and act! Or end before you really get started on grandfather’s quest…


SanguinousRex SanguinousRex

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