The World of Aeternum

The Triumvirate, Part 3

They had a troll.

The wizard controlling the troll was pretty sure of their victory because he decided to show off for us and had the troll attack one of his own mercenaries as a display of power. After that the troll turned to our group. As he was doing this the wizard shot a magic missile at me. Bruner charged the troll and hit it squarely in the torso but the dang troll didn’t even seem to notice! Tobs, not to be outdone by Bruner, charged the troll and landed what should have been a solid hamstring, but almost as soon as it was injured the troll started to mend right before our eyes. This was going to be a gruesome battle and I was not sure that all of my companions and myself would make it out alive.

Poor Rush, poor dear Rush. That troll hit him over the head with his club and Rush was out. He crumpled to the floor and didn’t move, he just lay there bleeding and there was no way I could get to him right away. I said a little prayer in my head for him and hoped I would be heard.

I finally spotted an opening on the troll and swung my mighty hammer at it, but somehow I missed the great big troll right in front of me and hit Bruner instead, hard. I think the hit was the best part of this though, because after the hit he fell forward right into the crotch of the gross, nasty, and naked troll. Bruner was apparently not the trolls type however as the troll tried to stomp on Bruner and instead impaled his own foot on Bruner’s sword. The troll jumped back in shock and hit the support beams for the mill as he fell to his back and the whole building shook. Some of the lanterns that had been lining the walls fell to the floor and starting fires.

Marvin cut the arm off of the troll in a mighty swing and when the arm fell to the ground it began to attack Marvin right back! It grappled him to the ground and tried to choke him. Mercenaries started throwing daggers at us but that was nothing compared to the troll. Just when I thought I had seen it all Tobs goes charging along the trolls body to his head and slams his axe right into the trolls face, cutting his eye right in half and into the back of the skull. Tob’s axe was stuck in the troll’s head it was buried so deep.

Then, the miracle happened. Seeing as how I had almost killed Bruner I needed to look to Avandra for the power to restore him. I reached out and laid my hand on him, the words of the healing prayer whispered through my lips and I felt the pure bright beautiful light flow into my body and through my hand to Bruner. The entire mill was momentarily filled with the radiance of my goddess as I believe she personally worked through me instead of her handmaiden doing her bidding. The aura was so overwhelming that Rush who lay behind me dying stopped bleeding. The troll even took notice as did a man who had been about to sneak up on one of my companions. They both stopped their attacks to bask in the glory of Avandra and her chosen champion in these dark lands but the troll shook off the light and returned to his own darkness.

The mage stood back up from having been knocked back by Kale’s attack and begins to cast a spell that he shoots at his attacker and it hits solidly, knocking Kale right over.

The troll then stood up so quickly that Tobs became a dwarven cannon and shot across the room. Bruner who had just been healed got hit by the troll and he too went flying and landed nearly dead a ways away. He then hit me and I too went flying back a few feet! As he went to hit me again I managed to dodge out of the way towards Bruner whom I attempted to heal again, but the Goddess was gone and my prayer was not answered. Thankfully the lingering power of the Goddess is still with me and I was able to clear the heavy rubble away that had fallen on him.

Marvin managed to get free of the trolls living arm, cutting away a few of its fingers in the process and as they hit the ground they started to wiggle about like fish out of water. Marvin took the chance now that he was free to pursue the wizard that had been shooting magic missiles at Kale.

Kale takes cover behind some pallets and manages to stop his own bleeding. The man that had paid attention to Samantha’s heal is there and asks Kale what he can do to help, apparently converted by the miracle he saw. The thief took off towards the wizard at Kales command.

Tobs, now weaponless, shield charged the wizard. He slammed into him full force, interrupting his spell and yet again the wizard flew back through the door and into the room behind.

Bruner, in a blood lust now, hit the troll with his bastard sword and it sink into the things gut, spraying blood, bile and flesh everywhere. The troll made a last attempt to claw at him but collapsed forward instead with Bruner just barely dodging out of the way in time. As the troll fell, more of the building started to come down and more lanterns fell, creating an inferno.

Marvin leapfrogged over Tobs and attacked the wizard, hitting him in the chest with his scimitar which went through his body and out his back, dying instantly and dragged Bruner down with him as he slumped to the floor. Tobs ran over and helped Marvin up then grabbed the dead bodies and the mill owner, and they all bolted for outside.

I went to retrieve Tob’s axe for him and the troll reached out and tried to grab for me but from the shadows the converted man came flying, pulling me free and encouraging me to flee for my life. I was not about to let the man die for me when I had just set his life right, so I grabbed his arm and we tried to get out. As we fled part of the ceiling above me gave away and just as I would have been crushed by the burning wood the man saved me yet again by pulling me out of harms way and he steered us out of the mill.

Everyone got out safely and alarms started ringing as people began to show up to dose the fire. I turned to my new friend and implored him to help us hide so we would not get captured by the wrong people. He readily agreed to do anything for me and led our group to his own house to shelter us. His name was Richard Hale. Richard and some of the party began questioning me, asking what they had witnessed but I ignored them for the moment and went to Rush’s side. He lay there white as snow, the warmth slowly leaving his body as he lay nearly dead. With a heartfelt desperate prayer to Avandra I laid my hands on Rush’s crushed body and once again the room was filled with a blinding light and Rush is not only helped but was completely healed! The whole room just sat in awe for a moment as I glorified in the warmth and power coursing through me.

Richard was so moved by what he witnessed that he fell to his knees before me. I explained that I was from a land very far away where many Gods and Goddesses rule and not just the one. A land where people have the freedom to worship the one they believe in, not the one they are forced to believe. Richard vows to do whatever he can to help me spread the word of this wonder. Kale suggested that maybe Richard could best serve as my eyes and ears here in Millstone. Seeing the potential that this could have I agree and Richard vows to do it to the best of his ability.

Once this was over Aryyn Seleck, the mill owner, tells us he had been paying the Triumvirate protection money but that they came this time and he did not have enough yet. The Triumvirate then planned to use his mill as a trap for us he said, and that obviously did not go so well for them. He says they are a bunch of rat bastards, which is hard to disagree with after that fight and he tells us all he knows about them. The Triumvirate is ran by three men but only one is known to anyone, his name is Richard Sark.

I gave Richard some gold to help him with the costs he might incur while working on my behalf as well as my full name and that of Blix at Sigil, so that in an emergency he can find me. We decide for his safety and cover story, as well as our own safety, to seek shelter in Arryn’s home instead of Richards.

Arryn having never been to the poor side of town, had no clue how to get to his own house from there, but Tob’s seemed to know the way and so he led on. As we neared the scene of the fire, we see that mill on the right seems to be fine but the one on the left bank of the river is burned down to the ground. Arryn went and spoke to the guards at the ruins and got permission for us to dig through the rubble. We did not find the chain that had been holding the troll but we did find a big pile of soot where it had last been. There were other burned bodies about and some coins. Arryn returned to the guard at our request and asked about the chain to which the guard answered the council had it and was investigating it.

We continued on our way to Arryn’s house and were all given rooms for the night. I request a hot bath for myself and soaked in it until the warm water started cooling off. Remembering the exquisite feel of Avandra’s energy at my command and how it effected Richard. After a restful night of sleep we all got up and had some breakfast. I even managed to bribe Tobs into a bath that he desperately needed.

After a nice morning, we made our way to the sergeants house that had been on duty the night the ruby was taken. The house was not closed up and it was dark inside. Some things inside had been knocked over. Marvin went around to watch the back of the house, and found the door there was also wide open. The sergeant’s dead body was found clutching a note in his hand on which is written “Mermaid’s Cockel” in hasty script. We returned to the treasury to tell the captain of the sergeant. He asked around and found out that the note was written in the Sergeant Storr’s handwriting.

We decide to follow the freshest clue we have and head out towards the Mermaids Cockel.


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