The World of Aeternum

The Triumvirate, Part 4

The Adventures of Tobs Warstein (cont.)

After discoverin’ the corpse of Sergeant Storr, and tellin’ his people about it, we followed his final clue and headed to the Mermaid’s Cockel. The place was a dive, even by dives standards, so I felt right at home. Marvin, Samantha and I settle in for a round of the swill this place calls ale, but Khael wasted no time in goin’ for some local action.

The serving wench was a three tankard broad, at least, but without a sip of anything Khael asked her upstairs. Figuring that skinny wizard would have a weak stamina, I start drinkin’ twice as fast to make sure I get nice and topped off before we end up leavin’.

Three rounds of swill later, the wizard comes struttin’ down the stairs, and I hear the mind of god saying, This place is a shit hole. You can quote me on that. Hmm, maybe this ales got more to it then I thought…

I pat the wizard on the back, he lasted much longer then I thought he would, and give him a swig of my ale. I don’t think he cared for it much, but he managed a drink before handing it back. I took care of the offending tankard though, and killed it right then and there.

About this time an incredibly good lookin’ human gal with raven black hair wiggled into the bar. The mind of god again dispensed his wisdom, stating This chick is hot, like 18 on the charisma scale hot. I’m not sure what this scale is, but I’ve never heard the voice of god like this before. Either this ale’s poisoned somehow, or Samantha’s glowy heal thing has some strong side effects.

The good lookin’ woman says the guy she was lookin’ for wasn’t there, and the bartender all but kicked her out. She goes back outside, and Marvin follows her out. I’m not sure how long he was out there with her, but I heard the bums hangin’ outside the bar hootin’ and hollerin’ at him when he came back. Always good to see dwarves addin’ to our superior reputations! I look over to tell Bruner a story about dwarven virility, but can’t find the ranger anywhere. Why does that guy keep disappearing like that?!

Marvin came back in and told us all to meet him at the Elder Stag at 6 tonight, so I took the time to go get a set of chainmail. On the way out I found Bruner’s shield on the ground, so I grabbed it to make sure he didn’t lose it. Why he’d leave his best weapon behind, I got no idea.

Khael took off to the library to read. Marvin says it’s cause he’s a wizard and that’s all they do in their free time.

Later at the Elder Stag, Marvin tells us the girl is a prostitute who works for Sark, and that Sark’s base of operations is under the kitchen in the Naughty Hoof. She says if we kill Sark she’ll tell us where another member of the Triumvirate is, and that she’ll be there tonight waiting for us.

We go to the Naughty Hoof, the dancers on the tables earning the name in every regard, and head towards the kitchen kitchen.

Khael leads the way, sneaking into the kitchen with no-one the wiser, and is quickly followed by Marvin and Samantha. I tried to follow too, but the bartender saw me and told me to go order at a table like everyone else. As I turn around and head to a table, Rush skips past me and into the kitchen. I’ll be damned if I let a farmer out sneak me!

Luckily I got a distraction, one of the serving wenches headed into the kitchen, and I used her as cover and followed her in. Inside the kitchen the staff are sleeping on the ground, Khaels work no doubt. Before the wench I followed can scream, I grab her from behind and throw my hand over her mouth. I held her real still and Rush knocked her out with a very Din-like blow to the head. That guy’s learnin’ fast.

Marvin picks the lock on a door that opens to stairs going down to a hallway with 4 doors. One door has an alcohol stockpile, and I manage to find a bottle of ‘Better-than Grain’ alcohol. I’ll save that for the victory toasts later, and pack it really carefully and securely inside my pack.

Another room is like a kitchen pantry type thing, and neither room has anyone in it. Continuing down the hall we find light coming out from under both remaining doors. The sounds from the north door sounds like guards gambling.

Khael used that brainy noggin’ of his and came up with a great plan of tying off the southern door so it couldn’t be pulled open by the guys inside. I help him tie the rope off before we take on the guards.

I braced myself against the southern door, and Marvin opened the door to the north. As it flew open I shield-charged in, blasting through a table and scattering dice and coins everywhere. My charge is brought up short by the far wall, and as I turned to face the 5 guards I knew things might get hairy. Sure enough, three of them immediately started flailin’ on me.

Sigil had my back though. Marvin rushed in and skewered one of the guards from behind. That scimitar slidin’ out of the chest of whoever I’m facin’ is gettin’ to be a familiar and welcome sight, even though it drenches me in gore. Rush followed Marvin closely, and hit another guard square in the head, brainin’ him and addin’ more gore to my armor. I knew takin’ a bath this mornin’ was a bad idea.

Samantha came in next, and you could feel everyone tense up. Everyone except the guards. True to form, she swung that mighty hammer of hers right into one of us. This time Marvin took the hit, and before the hammer blow finished falling I could swear I saw Samantha starting to pray. Maybe if she prayed BEFORE she attacked that would help more? I dunno how her god does things.

Khael came in and swung at a guard, but failed to connect with his staff. Takin’ the distraction Khael offered, I attack the same guard, and bury my axe through his collar down to his belt, killin’ him dead.

Not impressed with the way things were goin’, the guards take out their frustration on me. I don’t know what’s up with this chainmail, but it’s gettin’ shredded durin’ it’s first test in battle! I’m gonna have to have a serious talkin’ to with that smith.

Not to be outdone, Marvin attacked again and his scimitar exited the front of another guards chest. This time though Marvin spun the sword blade up and pushed toward the ceiling, cutting the guy in half out the top of his head! Even though I was nearly blinded by all the blood and bile coating me from that display, I still got to witness a great kill.

Samantha swung again and managed to take out the last guard with a mighty blow, turning parts of him to pulp. I knew prayin’ first made sense!

We looked back out toward the hallway and saw whoever was inside the south room pullin’ hard on the door tryin’ to open it. Marvin hid beside the door and I cut the rope with my axe as the guy inside pulled. The door flew open, and the human tryin’ to open it sprawled on the ground.

One guard rushed out into the hall, and Marvin grabbed him from behind, turning and using him as a meat shield as he surveyed the rooms interior. Inside Randolf Sark and two remaining humans with the look of assassins question Marvin. The conversation takes a quick turn for the worse as Sark fired a crossbow bolt, killing Marvins human shield.

Marvin and I rush into the room together. I attack the assassin on the left, but he dodges away like a cat. I don’t hear any death cry from Marvin’s target on the right, so I figure he must have had similar luck.

I feel a bit better though when Samantha runs in and starts glowin’. I didn’t really notice much in the way of healin’, but the assassin fightin’ Marvin immediatly stops fighting and stares in awe at Samantha.

The other assassin though didn’t seem to notice, and thwacked me good with his short sword. Sark seemed to take special notice of Samantha, and threw a dagger at her, but it bounced harmlessly off her plate armor.

Growling, the first assassin, touched by Samantha’s divine whatever, attacked his former ally taking some of the heat of me. Khael started throwing daggers pretty hard at Sark, but missed and struck the wall behind him.

I heard Samantha praying behind me more, but instead of any healing light, she handed me a healing potion. Pretty tricky! I drink the potion and instantly feel loads better.

Marvin and Rush then executed a great duel-attack, Rush lining up the shot with an agile distraction while Marvin hit Sark with a scimitar slash. Kael throws another dagger, embedding it in Sark’s shoulder.

As the skirmish continued, Samantha kept calling on her Goddess while Khael, the converted assassin and I faced down the remaining enemy minion. Marvin and Rush kept Sark busy.

I finally laid my enemy low when he made a serious error. His short sword bounced off my shredded chain mail and hit himself in the face. Following up the opportunity, I smashed my axe into his sword, burying it into his skull and finishing him.

I look back to see Marvin and Rush, both having taken wounds from Sark, still fighting for all their worth. Rush struck hard with his quarter staff, but missed Sark and hit the wall. His staff rebounded into his own face and he knocked himself out!

Sark focused his attention on our wounded assassin Marvin, and began a vicious duel-attack with his longsword and dagger, but before it could go off the whore Marvin talked with earlier, Sarah I think her name was, finally showed up. She musta been hiding, but she appeared behind Sark and stabbed him through the heart with a dagger.

The fight over, Samantha approached Rush and the room was bathed in her Goddess’ glow as she fully healed the unconscious monk. The remaining assassin once again is awe struck, but Sarah is more ‘meh’ about it. Even after Samantha followed with another mighty heal for Marvin, Sarah wouldn’t be swayed from thinking it was just some nifty magic trick.

In the room we found a note, “D, be careful, Sigil mercs got out of last nights trap. -R.S.”

Marvin deduced it was Randolf Sark, a message he luckily never got the opportunity to send.

Sarah tells us about the next triumvirate leader, a fellow called Dirk, and where we could look for him. Looks like he’s next on the to-do list.


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