The World of Aeternum

The Triumvirate, Part One

The River City

Our heroes were recovering from their ordeal in Minsc. They had been able to defeat the Half-Orc bandit leader Garret Jax but the ensuing fight was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back and awoke a terrible evil sleeping for centuries under the earth.

Having alerted Sigil and received their share of the mission profit for defeating the bandits, our heroes spent their time in the Sigil compound waiting for their next assignment.

During this break, the heroes were accosted by the High Priest Arymas who asked Marvin Underhill to give a speech for their fallen comrade Din, who had “given his life in the name of the Great Old One.” The party members knew this wasn’t exactly the case as the monk followed another, the Platinum Dragon. However, since it would be heresy to reveal this fact, they all kept quiet. Especially Samantha who’s true loyalty was to the Goddess Avendra. She could feel the High Priest’s eye on her even as he told her that something did not feel right – but luckily for her he shrugged it off.

Once it was time for the service, the party gathered at the Temple. The only one missing was Marvin, who was in his chambers fast asleep.

He raised the ire of the the High Priest and if it were not for the fact that he was a vital member of Blix’s team, the High Priest could have ordered Marvin’s death. However he did not, and instead ejected the party from the Temple.

The party split up for the day and engaged in various activities – Samantha Shieldheart traveled to the blacksmith to have a suit of plate mail forged to fit her body. Bruner Slone bought a new bastard sword. Tobs Warstein drank a lot of ale and asked repeatedly if Sigil could hire Bruenor Thunderstone from the Stonefield Inn and Bruenor’s chef (who made some of the best food in the entire country). Marvin, well, no one was quite sure what Marvin was up to.

A week later, the Goblin Assassin Blix called them into his office.

The new mission was interesting – the large city of Millstone was having issues with a criminal element that seemed to operate at night. They were called the Triumvirate but other then that not much was known about them. They pestered the business owners in Millstone and forced them to pay protection money or they would destroy vital machinery that was needed to produce all the textiles, grains, flour and various products that Millstone produced and shipped to the capital of Gorram City.

In addition, Blix mentioned that the City Council of Millstone asked that a red ruby be returned to them. Apparently this ruby was kept in the heavily fortified city treasury and one night just vanished. No one knows how but they want the ruby back. Sigil has agreed to help out to keep up good relations with the River City.

They were each assigned a horse and told they had the day to get ready and head out. He handed them an official writ that they could present to the guards and leaders of Millstone proving that they were on official Sigil business. With that, they finished what they were doing and took their leave of the capital city.

They headed East, leaving Kingsfield Province and once again entering Stonefield Province.

The trip to Millstone takes approximately a day and a half so as night comes the heroes rest at an inn. Marvin spends top coin to stay in the best room, and a private wench enters his room to bathe him while the others fall asleep in their quarters.

The next morning they return to the road and make their way to the River City. On the way, they are waylaid by highwaymen who demand gold to allow their passage. Marvin and Tobs take issue with the bandit’s request. Marvin moves forward, pretending to give the bandit money but instead shoves a pair of daggers into his chest.

As the bandit dies, Tobs leads the charge forward and the highwaymen swiftly are defeated. The last highwayman begs for his life, telling the group that he is a simple man from Millstone and that this was a stupid idea concocted by his friend who had been their leader before Marvin introduced him to a pair of daggers. Marvin allows the man to live, and the group continues on their journey. Within 4 hours they reach Millstone.

The day in Millstone passed relatively quickly. They met with Mayor Middleton, his dwarf-loving secretary, ate a decent meal at the Elder Stag and got lap dances at the Naughty Hoof.

They didn’t get much else done as the mayor was not very helpful, pretty much telling them “We hired you to find the ruby, so go find it.”

It is now the next morning, and our heroes are sitting around eating breakfast…


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