Arryn Sellek

Owner of the Sellek Mills in Millstone.



His mills repaired, Arryn Sellek has returned to a life of profitable merchant. He has also started a “professional” relationship with Sarah though he fancies her a great deal and really wants to court her affection.


Arryn Sellek is the owner of the Sellek Mills in Millstone. The Sellek Mills take up opposite sides of the river that runs through Stonefield and are a profitable business.

Arryn Sellek has been having issues recently with some local thugs. A racketeering ring known only as the Triumvirate has been forcing Sellek to provide them with “protection money” or else they would disrupt his business. He failed to pay them and they did just that.

Since then, he has been paying them.

Recently, the Triumvirate learned that Sigil was sending a group of mercenaries to the River City and used Sellek as bait. They torched his mills and tried to destroy the mercenaries with a troll.

Their plot failed and the mercenaries saved Arryn Sellek who became their benefactor, allowing them to use his small mansion as a base of operations.

Arryn Sellek

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