Chef Sarah Peterson

Chef at the Stonefield Inn



Sigil HQ has been interested in Chef Peterson for several months now, ever since Tobs the Unfortunate told Blix about her culinary talent. Though they have attempted to tempt her into working for them on several occasions, she has remained loyal to Bruenor and continues to cook at the Stonefield Inn.


Chef Sarah Peterson from the Stonefield Inn is an amazing find, especially in a small town like Minsc. Curious patrons have discovered (during the rare moments Chef Peterson sticks her head out of the kitchen) that she was born in Minsc but persued her culinary dream and traveled to the capital city of not just the Gorram City-State, but the capital of Corinthia, Corinth.

Once she had learned the culinary arts from some of the very best, she returned home and opened the Stonefield Inn with Bruenor Thunderstone.

Chef Sarah Peterson

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