Human Monk, KIA

Din was 25 years old, 5’6", and weighed 130 lbs. He had brown hair, but shaved his head bald, and had grey eyes. He typically wore only loose fitting red linen pants, bound at his ankles. He sometimes donned a tan vest if there was a chill in the air. He had an understated, yet chiseled physique. Curling around his torso was a tattoo of a serpentine dragon, culminating in a vicious snarling dragon head on his forehead. He wielded a quarterstaff in battle, but was eager to learn the way of the fist, like his masters.



Following the death of his parents during a bandit raid, the man that would become Din joined the Order of the Platinum Dragon in a quest for revenge. The masters of the order hold that they were once guided by one of the gods of old. Yet though the gods have forsaken them, the order lives on through their code. They are a monastic society that seeks out evil and injustice in the land and, following a strict code of conduct, mercilessly destroys it.

As members of the order are required to abandon their past lives when joining, the name Din was bestowed upon him by the Red Master of Dragons at the completion of his initiation trials. He is forbidden to speak his former name. Though he has a sister somewhere named Marsha, his code dictates that he not seek her out.

Following his training, Din’s one desire is to follow his code and bring justice to the guilty. He is generally stoic in nature after years of strict monastic life, but occasionally shows a dry wit.

Several months ago, Din tracked and ambushed a bandit leader. After a difficult fight the bandit got the upper hand on Din, knocking him down. Resigned to his fate, Din awaited the final blow. But then, a dagger hilt suddenly thrust from the bandit’s neck. Holding it was a dwarf named Marvin Mineshadow. His code demanding that he protect the life of his savior, Din has since been in the company of Mineshadow, protecting him until Din saves his life in return.

Though it hasn’t been easy for him being in the company of one with such questionable moral values, Din has faith that the Code of the Platinum Dragon will eventually lead Mineshadow to justice.

The Code of the Platinum Dragon
Justice Above All
Protect the Innocent
Punish the Guilty
The Order is Family
Discipline is Virtue
Death is Release

Din was killed in action while fighting off an undead horde led by an unknown Lich. He proudly served the Platinum Dragon and killed many of the undead while at the same time protecting his party and allowing them to escape.


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