Garret Jax

The Half-Orc leader of the Minsc Bandits



Level 3 Fighter

HP: 0

Garret Jax was beheaded by Tobs Warstein


Garret Jax was sent by his master to interrupt the production of vital food shipments meant for the capital of Gorram City. He set up camp in a cave system north of the town of Minsc.

Little did he or his masters realize that the cave system led to an ancient Clan Fortress buried under the ground 1000 years ago. Once he discovered the Fortress below he set up permanent residence there, unknown to his employers. They wanted him to stay one more month and continue to disrupt the food shipments, but Jax had a larger vision. He had already convinced various nefarious cuthroats from all over Stonefield to join him and had built a small group of bandits into an army.

Imagine his surprise when a band of heroes – mercenaries working out of the famous organization Sigil not only cut their way into his hideout – but were able to bypass his men, kill his prized cave bear and confront him in his own war room!

It was a fierce battle, and bad luck was on Jax’s side as he missed several critical swings of his axe against his enemies. One by one his men fell, including his lieutenant and best friend Jaeger.

It didn’t matter whether he won or lost at that point, the outcome had already been decided – Even as Jax was beheaded by Tobs the battle had woken an ancient evil that had been sleeping in the lost Fortress…

Garret Jax

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