Governor Alistair

A quiet and introspective man, Mac Alistair is governor of Minsc.


Governor Mac Alistair is bald middle-aged man with a large belly. Other then the girth of his stomach, his muscular frame hints and a much more active lifestyle during his youth.

He has a pet mouse that runs around on a wheel on the desk of his office.



Thankfully, the menacing Clan-Fortress has remained silent. There has actually been more positive things happening in Minsc then negative – with the threat of the Fortress the capital city built a barracks and assigned soldiers to the town. Those soldiers have brought Minsc not only a sense of peace but has brought additional revenue to town businesses like the Stonefield Inn.


Governor Mac Alistair was desperate. Constant bandits attacks on the town of Minsc were disrupting supplies meant for the capital, Gorram City. This had gone on for over a month when Alistair realized that he couldn’t handle things on his own any longer. He sent out a plea for help.

The mercenary outfit Sigil was immediately contacted by the Eladrin Lords and they sent a party to investigate and end the threat.

Governor Alistair was very happy to see the mercenaries and allowed them to do whatever was necessary to discover the bandit camp.

While the mercenaries tracked the bandits down to their base of operations and put an end to them, they inadvertently awoke an even more dangerous threat – the eerie Warhammer Clan-Fortress, thought lost 1,000 years ago.

Governor Alistair

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