Khaelestian Starseeker



After the Samantha Shieldheart incident, Khaelestian Starseeker left Sigil. Rumor has it that the magically locked black tome Starseeker had discovered in Fiero’s mansion had become an obsession and he was travelling the continent seeking a way to open it.


Born of a family with an ancient lineage stretching back to a pre-cataclysm dynasty of mage-lords, every seventh generation of Starseeker’s family produces at least one extraordinary magic-user, and every generation has several respectable practitioners of “The Art”(as it is known amongst the elders of the House). Khaelestian has been groomed by his grandfather to be the next great mage of Aramaya, as he is the most promising of the newest “Seventh.”

All Starseeker youth are tested at an early age for aptitude in the arcane, and Khael was no exception. Greatly impressing the family with his ability at the ripe age of 5, he has been tutored and taught by many of the family, but most especially his Grandfather, Bastien. Bastien drove Khael to push his limits and to meet his great potential, spending hours in recitation, languages, practicing precise movements, history, geography, and all the other other minor and major skills a magic user of the age should be competent in. This incessant drive has, on Bastien’s part, created the sometimes cynical, quick-witted personality of Khael, but it also developed into a resentment for authority and for those who think very highly of themselves. Bastien and Khael’s relationship would be described as cold by many within the family, but deep down, they share a great respect and affection for each other.

Bastien’s drive to push Khael to be a great arcanist isn’t wholly to see his direct lineage succeed and prosper, but also to learn more of House Starseeker’s ancient past, and to lay open the tantalizing secrets hinted at by scraps of mouldering scrolls, or the burnt corners recovered from long destroyed texts. The secrets to an ancestral home, possessing an underground library said to contain family and world histories, complete treatises on magical theory, powerful tomes of arcana, and even a Staff of immense power that once served as the badge of the mage-lords rulership within their small realm, but also as a symbol of their fealty to the creator of magic.(Bastien speculates this was the first Archmagus on Aeternum, and is determined to prove he was a Starseeker). In pursuit of his quest, he has sought an appointment for Khael with the mercenary guild, Sigil, both to test and temper the blade he calls Khael which he has wrought, but also to have an agent moving inconspicuously throughout the land researching, gathering information, and uncovering more clues to the furtherance of his goal: to locate the family library; have a warrior and his companions capable of overcoming the rumored traps, creatures, and fiends guarding the libraries secrets; restore the realm of the mage-lords in defiance of the Eladrin; and finally, prove the Creator of Magic was a Starseeker.

He has sent Khaelestian out in pursuit of these goals, and waits patiently to see his decade long machinations slowly bear fruit.

Khaelestian Starseeker

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