Lord Azazel

Eladrin High Priest


Unknown. Powerful.



Lord Azazel searched for five months before finally cornering them in an ancient Dwarven ruin. Though they fought valiantly, Azazel’s Death Knights killed Tobs and Samantha.


Lord Azazel normally remains in the Eladrin Keep in Gorram City but a strange report from the snivelling Arymas was brought to his attention. It mentioned the Sigil mercenary, Samantha Shieldheart and that he had sensed something emanating from the woman. A Holy Power that was not that of the Great Old One.

Leaving the Keep, Azazel and several Death Knights confronted Samantha Shieldheart and her protector, Tobs Warstein. They would have been captured, tortured and possibly killed if it were not for some resistance fighters who had gathered together after hearing of Samantha’s many miracles in Minsc and Millstone.

Though losing many of their fighters, the resistance were able to secure Samantha and Tobs and escape the city.

Lord Azazel

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