Mayor Middleton

The Mayor of Millstone


Overweight short man. He could almost be confused with a Dwarf. Almost.



His current whereabouts are unknown though Sigil continues to look for him.


Wearing posh clothing, Mayor Middleton sat in his luxurious office, sweating as he went over papers. He was the Mayor of Millstone.

A devious little man, Mayor Middleton was the spider in the center of the web of lies and deceit that held the River City in the hands of the Triumvirate. He is apparently part of their organization but distanced himself from the trio who ran illegal operations: Randolf Sark, Dirk and Fernando Fiero.

After Mercenaries from Sigil get too close to the truth, the Mayor makes a hasty escape from Millstone with the Jewel of the River City.

Mayor Middleton

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