Randolf Sark

A dirty man who is always sniffing like he has a cold. Teeth are black and smokes a pipe.



Level 3 Thief

HP: 0

Dirk was killed by mercenaries from Sigil.


Sark is a very unhygienic fellow. He enjoys puffing on a pipe which is on the desk where he works. His leather clothes are dirty and his mouth is full of half-broken blackened teeth. Sark runs Millstone’s black market and prostitution ring from the basement of the Naughty Hoof and a lot of money moves through his hands.

One night, Sark was discussing what to do about mercenaries from Sigil who had come to disrupt Triumvirate business when the same mercenaries surprised Sark by attacking his hidden base of operations thanks to information from the beautiful prostitute Sarah.

In the ensuing battle, the Dwarf Assassin Marvin Underhill was severely wounded fighting the underworld boss but before Sark could put in the killing blow, Sarah attacked him from behind, sending a dagger through the depraved leader’s heart.

Randolf Sark

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