Richard Hale

Former thief and convert to Avandra



It is unknown if Richard Hale survived Lord Azazel’s Death Knights as they eradicated all of Shieldheart’s converts. If he is alive, he probably returned to a life of crime on the streets of Millstone.


Hale was a simple man who worked for the Triumvirate. He did what he was told and they paid him decently. One day he was assigned to kill some mercenaries from Sigil. During the battle one of the mercenaries, Samantha Shieldheart outstretched her hands and miraculously healed one of her companions who had been smitten by a mighty troll.

As she healed him the mill was filled with Avandra’s light and Richard Hale felt a sense of peace and something speaking with his soul. He instantly knew that he had no choice but to help this woman.

Richard Hale

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