Romeo Rook

A Halfling bard who works on the wrong side of the law.



Fully recovered thanks to the midwife and a traveling magician who helped Romeo get his teeth back (A story for another time, perhaps) the Halfling Bard has had a complete change in his outlook on life.

No longer addicted to the bottle he has become a local hero of sorts around Minsc.


Romeo Rook was once a travelling bard until he found himself a friend in the bottle. He became a drunk and eventually found himself in the small town of Minsc, barely scraping a living by singing from time to time at the Stonefield Inn.

However, several years ago he fell into the wrong crowd and started working with the smalltime thieves and general criminal element. He stopped playing his lute for crowds and disappeared.

Settling down in a run-down shack on the south east of town, Romeo helped run some small-time rackets in Minsc until he was approached by a cloaked emissary. Offering a lot of money, the emissary asked for help in keeping track of the movement of the town guard and Romeo quickly fell in with an even worse crowd.

He worked for these bandits for two months, helping them make quick strikes against the town and steal vital dairy and animals that were meant for the capital of Gorram City.

His participation came to an abrupt halt when his small run-down shack was attacked by mercenaries from the outfit Sigil. Our heroes: the dwarf fighter Tobs the Unfortunate, the ranger Bruner Slone, the hidden cleric Samantha Shieldheart, the dwarf assassin Marvin Mineshadow and the powerful monk Din.

The Heroes killed Romeo’s bandit associates and brought the entire shack down on Romeo’s head. Thankfully, the Halfling survived (minus teeth after a brutal surprise attack by Din) and the Heroes took him to the local midwife for help after he revealed the location of the bandits secret base…

Romeo Rook

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