Sam McCullen

Proprietor of the Naughty Hoof



Since the Triumvirate were kicked out of the River City, McCullen’s luck actually took a turn for the better. More customers have begun to frequent the Naughty Hoof now that he is no longer harboring thieves and killers, including some city guards.


Sam McCullen is not the most loyal of men, but he learned a lot scraping his way from the bottom of the barrel to become the owner and proprietor of Naughty Hoof in Millstone. He works from behind the bar noon until the early morning so at night he was witness to a lot of illegal activity… which he ignores for a price.

He suspected that he was working for the Triumvirate but he never went out of his way to find out for sure – he just took their money and let them operate out of the basement.

Sam McCullen

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