A prostitute on the streets of Millstone. She knows things.


Charisma 18.



Free from Sark and the Triuvirate Sarah has become a popular courtesan, picking and choosing her own clients from the River City’s upper class. One of her clients is Arryn Sellek who she finds herself attracted to. She’s waiting for him to make the first move.


Growing up Sarah had dreams and aspirations, but all those dreams were destroyed when bandits raided her family’s farm and kidnapped her along with several goats. Sold into prostitution, Sarah has seen the dark side of mankind though somehow maintains an almost child-like innocence, hoping for the best in people.

After several years, she was able to buy her own freedom and found herself on the streets of Millstone.

Although her family would probably be happy to be reunited with their daughter, Sarah felt that she could never go back to her family after her terrible ordeal which has affected her both mentally and physically and that they would look down on her despite the fact that it was not her fault.

Life in Millstone proved to be difficult. She caught the eye of a black market racketeer. Physically and mentally abused by the Triumvirate leader Randolf Sark, Sarah approaches mercenaries from Sigil asking for help to kill him.

Little did everyone know that she would prove a vital part in their plans. Sark proved to be a difficult opponent and almost killed the Dwarf Assassin Marvin Mineshadow when Sarah jumped him from behind and shoved a dagger into his black heart.


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