A Very Lucky Bandit



Sven tried to stay away from a life of crime and was able to for a few months. He listened to Din and had moved out of Stonefield with his family. But money was not easy to come by and he once again leads the life of a bandit in another Provence.


Sven, who at some point in his life taken an arrow to the knee was deemed not strong or agile enough to join the other bandits on their attacks on Minsc. The bandit leader, Jax, assigned Sven guard duty at the locked door in their cave that allowed passage for men and horses through a secondary exit.

It was here that Sven was caught sleeping by mercenaries from the Sigil Outfit. Thankfully (for him), the Monk Din listened to his pleas and after he told the group everything he knew, Din allowed Sven to run back to his family – under the condition that they leave the area and never return.


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