Tarak Abis



Level 1 Thief

HP: 0

Tarak Abiz was murdered by Din.


Tarak Abis was a thief in the town of Minsc. He was a small time crook who stole money to pay for his drinking habit at the Stonefield Inn. He also gambled on dice games in dirty alleyways.

It was in one of these dirty alleyways that he and his thieving friends were tracked down and confronted by a Mercenary party from Sigil consisting of Tobs the Unfortunate, Bruner Slone, Samantha Shieldheart, Marvin Mineshadow and Din who discovered that the thief had some knowledge of the bandit problem troubling Minsc. The Mercenaries attacked and killed his friends and attempted to wring out some answers.

They got as far as a name, Romeo Rook before Din put his quarterstaff through Tarak’s face.

Tarak Abis

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