The Lich

An evil Lich that rules Clan Fortress Warhammer



The Clan-Fortress has remained silent for months. A barracks has been built in the town and soldiers now guard the province from the undead threat. The people of Minsc no longer fear bandit attacks and have returned to a normal life.


The origins of the Lich is shrouded in mystery. If he has indeed been asleep for 1,000 years then there are precious few who would have knowledge of his history.

When mercenaries from Sigil were investigating bandit raids at the small town of Minsc, the trail led to a cave complex that led deep into the ground. The heroes made their way deeper into the earth, fighting Kobold and bandit parties before the cave complex opened up into what looked like the ruins of a large structure.

Tobs was able to translate some ancient Dwarven script – they had discovered the Warhammer Clan-Fortress, thought lost 1,000 years ago during the Cataclysm.

A final battle against the bandit leader woke the Lich who’s dark magics had been asleep since the Fortress fell. The Lich attacked the heroes and only the sacrifice of the monk Din allowed the others to beat a hasty retreat pursued by a legion of undead warriors. Samantha’s holy powers kept the undead at bay and allowed them to escape the cave complex in the nick of time.

Even as they escaped the Clan-Fortress rose out of the ground from underneath them, setting off a chain reaction of earthquakes. Tobs was thrown into a growing chasm only to be saved by Marvin.

As the Heroes rode out the last of the quakes, the morning sun rose upon the Fortress and the iron gates slammed shut.

A voice spoke in the heads of the Heroes. “ You will all serve Clan Warhammer in death. All will serve us eventually …”

The Lich

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