An ancient Clan Warstein battle axe that makes you drunk when you wield it!

weapon (melee)

+2 damage/-2 to hit, +2 “temp” hitpoints when wielded by a Dwarf.

+2 damage/-4 to hit, +2 “temp” hitpoints when wielded by any other race.


Clan Warstein battle axe, Kegsmasher: From the craftsmanship and the writing on the hilt, it looks old. It reads: Who so bravely wields Kegsmasher shall drink from an endless river of Warstein mead.

(Any Dwarf who wields Kegsmasher will feel drunk and will even slur their words. If a human (or other race) wields Kegsmasher, they won’t just be drunk they will be flat-out smashed!).


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