The World of Aeternum

A Gathering of Heroes, Session 2
On the Hunt

From the pages of Marvin Underhill’s Mission Log

We’re on day 2 of this mission and we already got some strong leads thanks to last
night’s fun in the alley. I’m glad I asked for the best room in the inn because,
after that fight, I needed a good night’s sleep . It’s been a long time since I’ve
slept in an actual bed, so it was a welcome change. Feeling rested, I left my room
around daybreak and decided to go get some breakfast and, after how awesome dinner
was last night, I was pretty excited about it.

My excitement got cut short though, when I met Bruner, Samantha, and Tobs at the
stairs and saw them being questioned by that odd Governor Alistair. Apparently our
deeds last night did not go unnoticed because Alistair was asking us if we knew
anything about thieves getting killed last night. I decided to keep my mouth shut
and let them sort it out. I didn’t even understand what the big deal was…So
what? One less thief to worry about in this town, right? He should be paying us
extra. I’m glad they sorted it out though, ‘cause Alistair seemed like we wanted to
throw us in prison for what we had done at first. I’m glad that Thunderstone guy
vouched for us. He’s an alright dwarf if you ask me. Runs a hell of an

After that fiasco was handled, I finally got to sit down and get some breakfast.
And man…what a breakfast! It was a bitchin’ breakfast you might say. That Chef
Sarah is a damn fine cook for a human. After this mission is all said and done
with, I may just have to steal her so she can cook for me back at my home. Heh.

After a good meal, we all decided to follow up on the lead we got last night and
find out where this Romeo Rook character was hiding out. And since Din decided to
bash in Tarak’s head with his staff before we got an idea of Rook’s whereabouts,
we had to fall back to some good old-fashioned detective work. I would take it
outta Din’s pay for wasting my time asking around town, but that guy doesn’t hold
any value for coin. Odd fellow…but perfect business partner for me!

As we were asking around town, Tobs saw a battle axe for sale and decided to buy
it, which I thought was a great idea ’cause I was having serious doubts about him
carrying that club around. He looks like a half-decent mercenary now! After that,
a couple beggars came up to us asking for coin. I ignored ’em but Bruner gave them
a whole gold piece! I about smacked him in the back of the head, but turns out
those beggars were quite useful as they told us exactly where Rook was hiding out.
Apparently they saw him around some dilapidated shack at the end of town.

We followed their directions and found the shack so Din decided to sneak up and
see what was inside. I offered to help him with my superior sneaking skills but he
shrugged me off, which fine by me. If he wants to go off by himself, that’s one
less thing I gotta do. We had to be at the right place, because, after Din got to
the window and looked in, he motioned for us to hide somewhere. Not 10 seconds
after that, the door opened up and a man came out. He looked pretty tough but I
could’ve definitely taken him. Without any hesitation, Din stalked after him. That
guy is brave, I’ll give him that, but I had no idea what he hoped to accomplish by
running off on his own like that.

A few minutes pass, then I saw Din heading back towards us. I see him head towards
the door of the shack, so I follow suit and try to catch up to him but by the time
I got up to the shack, Din was already inside and I could hear quite a brawl
starting already. Din wasted no time by sound of it as I heard a loud thunk and
then something fly through a window . Next thing I know, Tobs goes charging
through the door like a maddwarf and by the time I get inside he’s no where to be
seen. I saw a large hole in the back wall so I think he charged right through the
building! What a crazy asshole! HA!

Samantha, Bruner, and I follow in after Tobs and I set my sights on some grunt. I
almost felt bad for these guys, as I sneaked up to guy and plunged my scimitar
through his back. After that I saw Din get cut pretty deep in the chest. I’ve
never seen someone take a blow like that and keep standing! Then I saw Bruner and
Samantha fighting the other grunt and was going to help them but apparently Tobs’
death charge was too much for the shack as I saw it coming down all around us.
Bruner being the good fellow he is, put an arm around Din and ran him outta the
shack so I decided to follow his lead, and grabbed Samantha’s hand and told her we
needed to get the hell outta here! We ran out just in time too as the whole shack
collapsed behind us crushing the poor bastard that was left inside. Luckily, our
whole group made it out in time.

Din looked pretty messed up but he was talking like it was nothing. Bruner offered
to patch him up but he declined. I guess he’s got a thing for Samantha though as
he let her try to help him. I decided to look for Rook’s body in case he was still
alive while Samantha and Bruner were trying to help Din. Tobs ended up helping me
clear the rubble and as were searching I saw something incredibly bright light
emanating from Samantha’s hand as she was touching Din’s wound. It was quite a
sight! That girl must have more tricks up her sleeve than I thought.

As Tobs and I continued searching the rubble, we managed to find Rook alive but he
was looking pretty messed up. I think Din almost knocked his damn jaw off! I would
not wanna be on the business end of that stick of his. We got Rook awake finally
and tried to find out where we could find the bandits. I’m not sure if it was me
telling him that his body would look like his broken-in-half lute if didn’t tell
me what I wanted to know or if it was Din’s promise of medical aid, but we got him
to tell us the name of their leader and directions to his hideout. Some guy named
Jax is hiding out some cave north of town and apparently he’s a pretty big deal so
I plan on showing him what my blade through his chest will look like. It should be
a pretty good time! Din kept his word and took that Rook to the midwife. I thought
it would’ve been easier to just slit his throat and be done with it, but to each
their own.

Before heading out to the cave of bandits, Tobs mentioned that we should head back
to the inn for some food since it was around lunch time. My stomach agreed with
him as did everyone else so we headed back for some bitchin’ lunch! While eating
lunch, Samantha’s suitor showed up again. I could tell Samantha was in no mood for
such a conversation as she was in deep thought and not being very talkative during
lunch, so I told the guy off but Din stepped in and offered the guy a drink over
at the bar. What Din does with his money is his own business but I think he was
being way too nice to the little shit. I finish my meal up and the next thing I
know, Din is walking up to the table with that farmer behind him. Din introduces
him as Bartholomew and tells us that he wants to train with Din. That must’ve been
one hell of talk Din gave him. I guess it’s no concern of mine as long as he
doesn’t get in my way.

After Din made a traveling friend, we set out north from Minsc. About an hour into
our journey our handy ranger, Bruner, heard a group of travelers on the road up
ahead. We thought quickly and decided to hide in the brush near the road and find
out who they were. Once they got close, we saw that there were 3 men on horseback
followed by a group of kobolds. We heard them talking about raiding Minsc so, in a
flash, we all sprang up outta the bushes and took them by surprise.

It was a hell of a fight to say the least. My short legs were hurting from all the
walking so I had my sights on one of their horses. So first thing I did was sneak
up and jump on the back of one and kill the guy mounted on it. And what a kill! I
don’t know my own strength sometimes as I cleaved his head clean off his shoulders
in one blow before he even knew I was there. I pushed the corpse off and tried my
hand at some mounted combat. One of the other humans on horseback, who looked like
their leader by how he was garbed, didn’t take me killing his buddy too kindly so
he charged up and took a swing at me. I almost laughed at his attempted strike at
me as it was way above my head. He must’ve thought I was some stupid human! I
thought I would play his game and try the same only, with my incredible expertise
at combat, my blow connected and almost cut that poor bastard in half. Next, I
thought I would try my luck at one of the kobolds since they weren’t paying any
attention to me, so I took out my crossbow and took aim at the back of one of
their heads. What should’ve been a killing blow to any other kobold I know of,
only staggered this one. I was impressed to say the least. But that feeling
quickly subsided as Din’s new found friend, Bart, came up and bashed him over the
head with his club. It was an impressive kill strike. I might’ve been wrong about
that silly poop farmer.

Our group was completely decimating our enemies but Bruner and Samantha were
having quite a hard time with the last bandit so I decided to go help them out. So
I galloped up beside the thief and cut a nice gash in his chest. He slumped over
and died. The leader’s horse got away but we made sure this one stuck around. All
that was left after that was one little kobold, so he made the smartest move out
of all these fools and started to run for it. We chased after the little bugger
but he was an agile son of a bitch as he dodged both Bruner and Din. All that was
left in his way was Samantha. The sorry bastard probably thought he was in clear
but he was way wrong as Samantha raised up her hammer and swung it down with such
force I think it’s head imploded! Samantha must’ve been practising in her room
last night ‘cause I haven’t seen her hit anything till now, but that was killing
blow I won’t ever forget! HA!

After the battle was finished, we found our selves with more gold and two horses.
Not too shabby for a days work if you ask me. So Tobs and I claimed the horses and
we set off towards our quarry. We found the dead tree and began heading west like
Rook said but this was tougher than following a road, But, luckily, our resident
ranger, Bruner, had some impressive tracking skills and followed the hoof prints
from the horses of the raiding party we slaughtered. A couples hours later and we
at last grasped sight of our destination right before sunset. What is it with
thieves and caves anyways?

Well I’ll stop writing here. I got some bandits to kill and pillage!

A Gathering of Heroes, Session 1
The Adventures of Tobs Warstein

In an effort to remember all my adventures so I can properly brag at Grand-mamma’s pub when I get back to Fortress Warstein, I’m tryin’ to keep an adventurer’s log to keep my facts straight. If your readin’ this, I’m either dead, drunk, or your Marvin and you need to get out of my room!

The trip to Minsc was boring, but once we got there things picked up nicely. After arriving at Town, Din got us directions to the Town Hall from a cowardly guard. It always amazes me that with how many humans there are so many are cowards. If there were that many Dwarves, we’d have taken over the world by now! Ah well, quality over quantity, my grand-mamma always says.

Governor Alistair kind of rubbed me the wrong way. What kind of man keeps a pet mouse anyways? The kind of man who hires cowardly guards, and can’t secure his caravans, that’s who! But he did agree to pay Sigils fee, and gave us room and board at the Stonefield Inn to boot, so I spose he ain’t all that bad.

Governor Alistair said the problem is bandits kill his guards and take the butter, or cows, or whatever their loosin’. He went on for some time about it, and the others seemed real interested in what he had to say. Since they were payin’ such great attention, I kept my thoughts on gettin’ to the Inn for a warm meal and some cold brew. After all, someone’s gotta keep their mind on-track.

After what felt like a week, we finally got to the Inn, and man was it worth the wait! The Innkeepers a respectable Dwarf by the name of Bruenor Thunderstone. He recognized my Clan right away and had nothin’ but good to say about us, so he’s obviously got good taste. Turns out he was an adventurer himself, back in his younger days. He figured we were sent from Sigil about the bandits, and even recognized Din’s order. I bet that huge dragon he’s got painted on his head gave it away. Seems Din follows the Platinum Dragon, but from what I’ve seen of his finances I doubt he’s ever even held a Platinum, let alone had enough to caste a Dragon. Maybe Marvin’s the Platinum Dragon. That’s one dwarf with a healthy respect for good hard coin, and the way Din is always watchin’ him and followin’ him around, it would make sense to me.

After Bruenor and Din talked for a bit and got all buddy-buddy, the innkeeper told us he was glad we were here to take care of the bandit problem. He told us about a local thief named Tarak Abis who ran some small time crime ring, and may know somethin’ about these bandits. Apparently he often comes into the Inn, tossin’ coin around for drinks, so we decided to wait for him to show up. Bruenor was concerned about his place gettin’ roughed up, so I told him I’d pick a fight with Tarak and take it outside to save his inn from the fun.

While we waited, Marvin, Bruner and I attacked our mead like proper dwarves. Seems Bruner forgot he was just a human though, and ended up takin’ a nap. We got some “bitchin’ meals” as well, the inn’s cook would be right at home in a Lords keep in Gorram City, with meal-craftin’ skills like that.

Samantha got some local action, some weed puller bought her a drink and they went off for a chat. Turns out this guy’s some kind of poop expert, said someone’s been plantin’ piles around his farm that stank a stink he ain’t smelled before, or some such. Samantha locked us into investigating it all the followin’ day at noon for some odd reason. Maybe she really likes the guy and want’s to impress him, cause she’s makin’ all of us go. Since I get all I can drink for free at the Inn though, I won’t complain.

We waited for hours, and Tarak never showed. Bruner woke back up about the time the innkeeper came up and told us he heard Tarak was running a dice game in an alley somewhere. I got some mead for the road, and dumped it in my Warstein Stein. I don’t understand how people ever get along without travel steins, just doesn’t make sense to go without for no reason.

Anyhow, we hit the sleepy farming town with a vengeance, and found the dice game pretty easily, and sure enough, Tarak was there. I thought I might make myself a coin or three before we started beatin’ information out of the guy, so walked up and asked to join the game. Can you believe he called me a liar? Right to my face! So much for winnin’ coin the fun way, it was time to earn it the funner way.

I unlimbered my shield and charged straight at Tarak. I barreled right past his friends, three humans and a worthless halfling, and shield slammed him into the wall behind him with a satisfying crunch.

Din appeared out of nowhere and started hollerin’ somethin’. He scared one human thief so bad he dropped his knife and ran away down the alley.

Tarak tried to get at me with two puny daggers he pulled out of somewhere, but there’s no way that was gonna happen against superior Warstein armor. Brain matter, though, got all over me when Marvin shot one human in the head. Glad that guy’s got good aim, that thief was right by me.

The remaining human got cut down by that ranger Bruner, he took care of him with that long sword he’s got.

Poor Samantha though, she got shot in the shoulder by the halfling, and apparently Din’s got a thing for her cause he tore off after that halfling like he’d stole his ale. Although Din don’t drink… What kind of stupid order won’t let ya drink?! Ah well, nobody’s perfect. Din whacked the halfling a few times with that stick he uses, knockin’ him down and then broke the scrawny things neck. It was incredible! After the fight I had to show it to everyone. He nearly popped that halflings head clean off!

Tarak was hurt, but hadn’t given up yet, so I punched the wall next to him as hard as I could to show him I meant business. After that he gave up, and the rest of the group questioned him. He was lyin’ all over himself, so it took a bit for ‘em to get the gossip out of him, but apparently there’s some halfling named Rook about town that has connections to the bandits, so we’re gonna pay him a visit tomorrow.

Once they got what we needed out of Tarak, Din smashed the guy’s face so hard with his staff he couldn’t breathe right. Marvin tried to help by cuttin’ a hole in his throat for him to breathe out of, but Bruner wasn’t havin’ any of that. And I thought Rangers liked to help people! They had a little scuffle, but I guess they figured the best thing was to put the poor sod out of his misery, cause he ended up dead.

At any rate, I’m in my room now. The good dwarf Bruenor was waitin’ for us at his inn when we got back, and fixed up Samantha’s shoulder with some pasty goo he made. He has some left over for my hand too, and I don’t know if it’s the goo or the mead, but my puncher feels pretty numb.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Between us goin’ halfling huntin’ and hittin’ Samantha’s new boyfriends farm to stare at poo, I think I’ll be startin’ to drink a bit earlier then my normal pre-lunch binge.

A Gathering of Heroes, Prologue
Welcome to Minsc, Population Kinda Small.

The Story So Far:

Vital shipments of farm animals and dairy products from the town of Minsc to Gorram City have halted. Without these shipments, the capital city suffers and there have been a few minor riots in the streets.

The Eladrin Lords have sought the help of Sigil, a very powerful Mercenary Outfit that our heroes Tobs the Unfortunate, Bruner Slone, Samantha Shieldheart, Marvin Underhill and Din work for.

Your Boss at Sigil, the Goblin Assassin Blix orders you to his office and assigns you a very important mission. He tells you that a messenger arrived less then 24 hours ago from Governor Alistair of Minsc asking for help – Apparently bandits have been the cause of the severe disruption of food and dairy.

Your group is to travel east to Stonefield Provence. Following the main road you will pass through the city of Millstone and after a long trek reach the town of Minsc. Make your way to their town hall and seek an audience with Governor Alistair. Inform him that you are from Sigil and have arrived to solve their problem.

With a very blunt “Are you all still here?” you take your leave of Boss Blix’s office and prepare for your mission. For most of you, this is your first assignment with Sigil. You might want to make a good impression…


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