A Gathering of Heroes

Our heroes:

The Dwarf Warrior, Tobs the Unfortunate
The Human Ranger, Bruner Slone
The Dwarf Assassin, Marvin Mineshadow
The Human Cleric, Samantha Shieldheart
And the Human Monk, Din

Sigil sends our Heroes to the town of Minsc to discover the cause of a disruption in provisions meant for the capital of Gorram City. When they arrive, Governor Governor Alistair filled them in on the weekly bandit attacks.

The Heroes confronted some bandit agents and learned of a cave complex the bandits worked out of located a few hours north of town. They also met a new member of the party, the young farmer Bartholomew, renamed Rush by his master Din.

They traveled to the cave, defeating a party of bandits on the way. Once they found the entrance, they entered the cave and made their way down, fighting bandits in the various rooms. At the bottom the cave gave way to an underground ruins that Tobs discovered to be the lost Clan-Fortress of the Dwarf Clan Warhammer.

The Heroes continued into the Fortress and finally confronted the bandit leader Garret Jax and his lieutenant Jaeger. After a fierce battle, Jax and Jaeger were slain but the fight awoke a sleeping evil.

Din sacrificed himself fighting the evil as it woke, confronting an army of undead Dwarven warriors and their leader, a menacing Lich.

The Heroes escaped even as the Fortress rose out of the earth. The last thing they heard before the Fortress gates shut closed was the voice of the Lich in their heads: " You will all serve Clan Warhammer in death. All will serve us eventually …”

They returned to Minsc, as victorious as they could be. The bandit situation had been taken care of.

After returning to the capital city and informing Blix of the situation near Minsc, the Eladrin Lords have built a barracks in the town and assigned soldiers to protect the area should the Clan-Fortress open its gates in the future…


A Gathering of Heroes

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