Clan Warhammer

Clan Warhammer was a powerful Dwarf clan lost 1,000 years ago during the Cataclysm. Legend says that as the Earth shook violently the Clan-Fortress of Clan Warhammer sunk into the ground never to be seen again.

That remained true… until recently.

A bandit group led by the Half-Orc Garret Jax had set up their base deep inside a cave complex in Stonefield Provence, two hours north of the small town of Minsc. The cave complex had eventually opened up into a buried hall which served them well for several months as they disrupted all traffic between Minsc and the capital of Gorram City.

Their presence had already disturbed a dark force slumbering for centuries when a Mercenary party from Sigil was sent to investigate the disruptions in Minsc. The ensuing battle finally woke the darkness and Clan Warhammer woke once more.

Clan Warhammer

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