Great Old One

The Great Old One is the God of the Eladrin.

Legend speaks of an event known as The Catacylsm where the Great Old One descended from the heavens, angered with His children and struck Aramaya. His violent arrival caused massive damage to the entire continent, from earthquakes to tidal waves. The lakes boiled and the forests burned.

The Great Old one cursed His children with immortality and the unquenchable need to drink blood. However, the Legend continues, He was a benevolent God and gave the Eladrin the power to rule Aramaya which they have for 1,000 years.

On Aramaya there is only one religion, the religion of the Great Old One. Anyone found praying to any other deity is killed. However, this does not happen very often – after 1,000 years time has wiped out all knowledge of other Gods.

On Aramaya… there is only one God. Praise be to the Great Old One.

Great Old One

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