The Story Hook!

You are all part of a Mercenary Outfit (think “Heroes for Hire”) called Sigil. Marvin Mineshadow has been a part of this Outfit for a few months but the others are brand new to the organization and are going on your first mission. While you have (probably) never met one, Sigil’s ultimate bosses are the Eladrin Lords who who pretty much run Aramaya.

All players start with 1 healing potion each(1d6), provided by Sigil. 75% of whatever gold and equipment you find in the field belongs solely to the party. The other 25% is to be given to Sigil as their cut. In addition, you will receive 25% of agreed upon gold by the hiring party upon completion of the mission. Sigil will receive the other 75%.

An example:

A merchant hires Sigil to discover what happened to his caravan. His contract with Sigil is 600 gold. On your adventure, you party makes 1,000 gold.

Sigil takes 250 gold from the gold you found, your party keeps 750.
From the contract, Sigil takes 450 gold and the party earns 150.

Party earns a total of 900 gold from the mission.

The Story Hook!

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