The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate

Our heroes:

The Dwarf Warrior, Tobs the Unfortunate
The Human Ranger, Bruner Slone
The Dwarf Assassin, Marvin Mineshadow
The Human Cleric, Samantha Shieldheart
And the Human Wizard, Khaelestian Starseeker

Another day, another gold piece.

There is a criminal organization running out of the nearby city of Millstone, also known as the River City. Millstone is located in the Stonefield province, east of Gorram City, the capital of Gorram. The criminals were disrupting legal operations within the city, charging “protection fees” from the local merchants and businesses. In addition to this, an important gem called the Jewel of the River City was stolen from the supposedly impenetrable city treasury.

The Millstone City Elders ask for help from Sigil who sent our Heroes out to investigate.

When they arrive they set up shop at the Elder Stag before meeting with Millstone’s Mayor, Middleton, to try to gather information about the illegal activities going on at the River City and the missing gem.

Their search leads them thought the expansive River City, from the city treasury (and their failed attempts to find out who stole the ruby) to less-then-respectable businesses like the Naughty Hoof to the Mermaid’s Cockle.

Gathered information led them to the mills of Arryn Sellek, a business man who was being held hostage by a criminal organization known as The Triumvirate. They save Arryn and foil the Triumvirate’s plot to kill them (with a Troll no less!). The heroes discover that the Triumvirate is behind most of the illegal activities going on in Millstone.

The prostitute Sarah seeks them out and finally puts them on the proper path – the criminal Randolf Sark (who was abusing her) was operating from the basement of the Naughty Hoof.

The Heroes surreptitiously made their way to the inn and were able to get to the basement where they confronted Sark, killing him. They learned that he was one of the three leaders of the Triumvirate and that the second leader lived on a farm approximately one mile away.

They travelled to the farm where they were nearly killed by several traps laid by the assassin Dirk, who they finally cornered in the bedroom. He was a dangerous opponent but they were able to kill him. As Dirk died he spat out the truth, condemning the final member of the criminal organization.

" Fernando Fiero. " He said as he died. Fiero was a very wealthy merchant who lived in a huge mansion in the rich North side of the River City.

The Heroes assaulted Fiero’s mansion, using a bit of stealth and luck before they were spotted by guards and fought their way through the second story to Fiero’s private chambers. They killed Fiero’s Dwarf bodyguard and took the merchant captive.

He begged for mercy, asking the mercenaries to take him back to Sigil HQ and protect him. If they didn’t, he would tell his guards to attack because as soon as the Triumvirate found out that he had been caught, they would have him killed.

The Heroes agreed and were able to escape Fiero’s mansion and take the merchant back to Sigil.

There was almost no need for an interrogation as Fiero told them everything that he knew. The Triumvirate was larger then anyone knew – He, Dirk and Sark were only one small part of it who were tasked with operations in the River City.

There was one more piece to the puzzle – how did the River City Ruby disappear from the city treasury? Fiero was true to his word, in exchange for protection he gave up a fourth person – Mayor Middleton!

Using his influence, the Mayor had entered the Treasury himself and stolen the ruby by placing it in a Bag of Holding, a rare bag that always appeared empty but could in fact store a great many things.

By the time Sigil sent out the word to the River City, the Mayor had disappeared. He and the jewel have been missing ever since.

While our Heroes were unable to solve the mystery of the missing jewel, they were able to defeat the Triumvirate and free the River City of the criminal organizations influence.

While this should have been a cause for celebration, things took a turn for the worse – the Eladrin discovered the mystery behind Samantha Shieldheart and attempted to capture her.

She and Tobs barely escaped with their lives with the help of a handful of men and women who had heard of Samantha’s powers.


It was only a matter of time before Samantha and Tobs were cornered in the ruins of a Dwarf outpost and killed.

Now, the Dwarf Assassin Marvin Mineshadow has been called into the office of Blix. He has put together a new team of mercenaries which he plans to put under Marvin’s leadership and is ready to assign them to a new mission for Sigil…

The Triumvirate

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